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Albères Room

2 pers.|26m²|Albères Room - King Size

"The Albères room, with an area of 26 m², is a perfect blend of elegance and nature. Its 10 m² terrace, featuring a bathtub with a view of the mountains, becomes a seamless extension of the interior. Offering an exceptional view of the Albères, the boundary between the room and the terrace fades away, creating a total immersion in natural beauty. Inside, the Albères room embodies a delicate balance between contemporary style and comfort, offering 26 m² of luxury meticulously designed by Laurie Foissier. Two murals by Beatriz Garrigo elegantly adorn the walls of this room, adding a unique artistic touch to the experience. These personal artworks create an intimate connection between your room and the striking beauty of the Albères."


The mural 'Albères' by Béatriz Garrigo is a majestic work that captures the serene and wild beauty of the Albères mountain range. Painted on two panels, it unfolds an enchanting panorama where colors and shapes blend to create an impression of natural harmony and tranquility. The mural is dominated by deep shades of purple and blue that evoke the hilltops, bathed in a soft and mysterious light. These dark hues contrast with the luminous touches of green, gold, and pink that populate the lower landscape, suggesting lush vegetation and colorful blooms. The brush's texture, both free and expressive, brings to life the trees, rocks, and meadows, creating a sense of movement and vitality. In the foreground, two horses stand out, drawn with elegant simplicity. One stands alone in the first part of the mural, while in the second, another horse is accompanied by its foal, adding a dimension of tenderness and continuity to the scene. These animal figures provide a living presence and anchor the landscape in a tangible reality. The natural elements are painted with artistic freedom, hinting at forms without strictly defining them, thus evoking the wild and untamed spirit of the hills. The brushstrokes, sometimes fluid, sometimes vigorous, create varied textures that enrich the pictorial surface and capture the interplay of light and shadow on the landscape. 'Albères' is a visual ode to nature, an invitation to contemplate the tranquil splendor of the hills and lose oneself in the contemplation of their timeless beauty. Through this mural, Béatriz Garrigo offers us a poetic and emotional vision of this landscape, where each color and shape contribute to the creation of a painting vibrant with life and serenity.

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