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Confort Room

2 pers.|22m²|1 lit Queen size

Each Comfort Room at Maison Nova is a work of art in itself, adorned with frescoes or paintings created by local artists, offering an immersion in the creative expression of Collioure. The exceptional bedding ensures a rejuvenating stay, while every carefully thought-out detail contributes to a sophisticated ambiance. These rooms, thoughtfully designed by Laurie Foissier, invite you to a charming escape where refined design meets absolute comfort."

Frescoes & Paintings

Unique Rooms

Our Comfort Room category includes 4 unique rooms differentiated by frescoes and paintings by Catalan artists: Boramar, by Jean-Philippe Henric Saint-Vincent, by Beatriz Garrigo Cap Béar, by Laure Piqueras Cubism, by Jean-Philippe Henric

Boramar Room

This fresco by Jean-Philippe Henric presents an energetic artistic interpretation of Boramar Beach in Collioure. The simplified shapes and bold lines are the signature of an aesthetic that favors direct expression and raw emotion over realistic detail. Primary colors dominate the scene: a deep, vibrant blue that captures the vitality of the Mediterranean Sea, a bright yellow reminiscent of the sun's luminous warmth, and touches of white that evoke the sparkling light on the water and sand. The night sky, dotted with stars, gives the scene an almost magical dimension, while the calm sea and elegant arch suggest the tranquility and refuge found in this natural enclave. Stylized architectural elements recall Collioure's rich heritage, and the casually painted words Collioure" and "Galets" serve as both a guide and an invitation to explore. This work can be seen as a vibrant tribute to the city of painters, famous for its appeal to artists, where the simplification of forms and the exuberance of color reflect the essence of the place. The artist has captured the spirit of Boramar, a place where nature, art, and history meet."

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Cubism Room

"This fresco, created by Jean-Philippe Henric, is a vibrant testament to the vitality and modernity of cubism within your room. The artist has chosen a bold blue monochrome, a hue that evokes both serenity and depth, to decompose and reconstruct reality abstractly. Faces and elements, reduced to geometric shapes and interlaced planes, draw the eye and provoke prolonged contemplation. The strokes are confident and determined but also allow for a certain freedom that pays homage to cubist experimentation. The gazes and details of the faces seem to hide and reveal themselves simultaneously, playing on the cubist notion of the simultaneity of perspectives. The work elicits constant analysis and interaction, inviting viewers to engage in a visual dialogue with the fresco. Henric's bold use of color and dynamic composition make this fresco a focal point of the room, a source of inspiration and reflection for its occupants, and a bridge between the historical heritage of cubism and its interpretation in a modern context.

Saint-Vincent Room

This painting by Beatriz Garrigo celebrates the Saint-Vincent Chapel, an iconic monument of Collioure. This work is characterized by a blend of textures and brushstrokes that bring to life a scene both mystical and earthly, reflecting the aura of this chapel. Deep blues and rich purples dominate the landscape, reminiscent of the Mediterranean color palette at dusk when twilight blends with the waters. The choice of these dark shades is not only a faithful representation of the blue hour but also a metaphor for the spirituality and tranquility that emanate from this holy place. Atop a rocky hill, the Saint-Vincent Chapel stands, painted in white with a simplified outline that contrasts with the complexity of the surrounding sky and sea. Its solitary presence is accentuated by two black crosses silhouetted against the sky, reinforcing its sacred character and status as a beacon for those seeking a path or inspiration. The waves, represented by broad strokes of light blue and white, suggest the constant movement of the sea, capturing the energy and rhythm of the big blue. The shades of the sea blend into the sky, creating harmony between the celestial and the maritime. The artist uses an impressionistic approach, leaving details to the viewer's interpretation and emphasizing emotion and overall impression rather than figurative precision. "Saint-Vincent" is more than a depiction of a place; it is a sensory experience, a dialogue between nature, faith, and art that invites reflection and calm.

Cap Bear Room

Cap Béar," a work by Laure Piqueras, is an expressive painting that pays homage to the famous cape of Port-Vendres. With broad gestures and impressionistic touches, the artist has captured the robust and wild essence of the Mediterranean landscape. The composition shows the cape dramatically rising above an intense blue sea. Piqueras's painting technique, with visible brushstrokes and generously applied layers of paint, gives the scene dynamism and palpable texture. Earth tones blend with deep blues and bursts of pink and white, evoking the changing hues of sunlight on the rocky relief. At the top of the cape, the lighthouse stands proudly, a bright red accent that draws the eye and symbolizes guidance. This small detail, though minimal in the overall composition, serves as a visual anchor and a reminder of human presence in this otherwise wild and untamed landscape. The sky, an expanse of soft gray, provides a calming backdrop that contrasts with the vibrance of the earth and water. It seems to envelop the scene with a calm that foreshadows storms, reminding of the duality between tranquility and turbulence often present at Cap Béar. Overall, the painting "Cap Béar" is a melancholic yet joyful tribute to the rugged coastline of Port-Vendres, capturing the spirit of this place with emotion.