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Superior Room

2 pers.|22m²|Queen size

Immerse yourself in the subtle atmosphere of our Superior room category, where every moment is a delicate ballet between a love for detail and the tranquility of Maison Nova. Each detail has been meticulously designed by Laurie Foissier to create a haven of discreet luxury. These rooms are adorned with frescoes by Catalan artists, transforming each space into a personal art gallery. The panoramic view from these rooms expands the horizons, inviting contemplation and escape. Quality materials, premium bedding, and modern amenities contribute to an exceptional experience.


Unique Rooms

Our Superior room category includes 2 unique rooms differentiated by frescoes and paintings by Catalan artists: Madeloc, created by Laure Piqueras, and Château Royal, created by Jean-Philippe Henric.

Madeloc Room

The fresco entitled 'Madeloc', created by artist Laure Piqueras, is a vibrant and colorful representation of the landscape surrounding the famous Madeloc Tower. The eye is immediately captivated by the bold colors and abstract shapes that seem to dance on the canvas, evoking the rich natural and cultural diversity of the region. The warm earth tones, lush greens, deep blues of the sea, and splashes of yellow and pink capture the radiant essence of the Mediterranean under the sun. Piqueras plays with perspective, guiding the eye through winding paths that lead to the hilltop where the Madeloc Tower stands, highlighted by bright white touches that emphasize it as a beacon guiding travelers. The sky, rendered in shades of blue and mauve, suggests either the dawn or the falling dusk, a moment where light and color blend into a poetic harmony. The contrast between the vivid colors of the foreground and the softer hues of the background creates an impression of depth and space, inviting the viewer to enter the painting and traverse the hills and valleys of the coast. This work does more than just represent a place; it communicates the raw emotion and beauty of the region while paying homage to the history and geography that make Madeloc such a special place. 'Madeloc' by Laure Piqueras is a celebration of color and form, a painting that is both an open window to the Roussillon region and a declaration of love for its natural beauty and heritage.

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Château Royal Room

The fresco 'Château Royal' created by Jean-Philippe Henric is a tribute to the historic monument of Collioure. The work is characterized by simple geometric shapes and bold primary colors. A large human profile is drawn in deep blue, adorned with golden stars, symbolizing the royal presence. To the right, the silhouette of a castle, also in blue, stands out with its battlements and tower, evoking the architectural features of the Château Royal de Collioure. Stylized birds fly around the crown and above the castle, bringing a sense of freedom and elevation that contrasts with the solidity of the buildings. The bright yellow crown, positioned above the profile as if floating, suggests the grandeur and royal heritage of the castle. The contrast between the vivid colors and the negative space of the canvas highlights the main elements, creating a dynamic interaction between history and contemporary art. This fresco, with its symbolic elements and bold simplicity, pays homage to the rich history and iconic status of the Château Royal de Collioure.