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2 pers.|25m²|King Size

Explore the essence of Collioure's artistic style and refinement in the Fauvism room. This unique room, with a surface area of 25 m², offers an experience where art and luxury blend harmoniously. This room is enhanced with a private 15 m² terrace, providing an intimate outdoor space to soak up Mediterranean essences. The Fauvism room celebrates local art with a fresco by Franck Gabarrou. This unique piece brings the walls to life, creating an atmosphere where aesthetics meet comfort in a harmonious and captivating manner.


This vibrant and colorful fresco is a contemporary interpretation of Matisse's "La Plage Rouge," created by Catalan artist Franck Gabarrou. In homage to Fauvism, the room is filled with vibrant colors and expressive brushstrokes that overlap with abandon, inviting occupants to dive into a world where color reigns supreme. The sky is a watercolor mosaic where pink and red clouds blend into soothing blues, evoking a summer late afternoon. Below, a series of horizontal bands suggest the horizon, with brilliant yellows for the setting sun spreading over a dark blue seascape. A touch of lush green recalls the foliage of a distant seaside. In the foreground, the beach is suggested by touches of purple and red, with abstract shapes that seem to float, free and untamed, like boat sails or distant silhouettes, reflecting harmony and freedom. Splashes of color, like confetti, sprinkle the space, adding extra texture and depth that captivate the eye and free the imagination. Gabarrou's work stands out for its boldness and personal interpretation of Matisse's themes, making this fresco not just a decoration but an immersive experience for all who have the pleasure of staying in our Fauvism room.

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