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2 pers.|30m²|King Size

This room, named in homage to the splendid natural haven of Anse de Paulilles, embodies the harmony between comfort, tranquility, and refined art. The doors open onto a private garden, creating an oasis of tranquility where you can relax in complete privacy. The whispers of nature and the gentle Mediterranean breeze combine to create a serene atmosphere, elevating your stay to an immersive experience. The highlight of this sumptuous room is its private jacuzzi, offering a luxurious escape to soothe the body and mind. Immerse yourself in calming waters while enjoying the serenity of your secret garden. Every detail is a celebration of Collioure's art, with an individual fresco by Franck Gabarrou adorning the walls, capturing the striking beauty of Anse de Paulilles.


The fresco 'Paulilles,' created by artist Franck Gabarrou, is an interpretation that captures the tranquility and natural beauty of Anse de Paulilles. With a palette of vibrant and soothing colors, Gabarrou evokes a landscape where the sky, earth, and water harmonize in a dance of fluid shapes and harmonious hues. The sky, depicted with deep blues and touches of violet and yellow, suggests a changing atmosphere, perhaps the onset of a summer storm or the last glow of a sunset. These shades are reflected in the water below, creating a sense of continuity between the sky and the sea. The vegetation is represented by expanses of green, ranging from light to dark, indicating a variety of foliage and lush trees lining the shore. The earth, with its yellow curves and ochre spots, winds through the landscape, suggesting hiking trails or simple traces left by visitors. At the heart of the fresco is a representation of Anse de Paulilles, symbolized by a structure in shades of brown and green, gently standing out against the colorful background. This element could evoke the historical remnants of the region, recalling its industrial past while celebrating its transformation into a place of peace and conservation. 'Paulilles' by Franck Gabarrou is more than an image; it is a sensation, capturing the sea breeze on the skin, the smell of damp earth, and the distant sound of waves, all captured in the fleeting brilliance of watercolor.

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