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Prestige Room

2 pers.|25m²|Queen or King Size

Our Prestige room category, represented by the Notre Dame de Consolation room, the Massane room, and the Fort Saint-Elme room, defines a unique experience. True works of art, these rooms are adorned with unique artistic frescoes, each highlighting the beauty of these monuments. In addition to artistic elegance, these rooms offer breathtaking views of the Albères. The majesty of the landscape extends beyond your windows, creating a living canvas that evolves throughout the day. These rooms transcend accommodation to become a sensory experience, where art, space, and nature harmoniously blend to create an unforgettable stay.


Our prestige room category includes 3 unique rooms differentiated by frescoes by Catalan artists: Notre Dame de Consolation, created by Laure Piqueras Fort Saint-Elme, created by Jean-Philippe Henric Massane, created by Franck Gabarrou.

Notre Dame de Consolation Room

The fresco 'Notre Dame de Consolation,' painted by Laure Piqueras, offers a Fauvist representation of the eponymous sanctuary located in Collioure. The free use of paint and the blend of colors reveal a place filled with tranquility and spirituality. The green tones of the trees stand out against a backdrop of neutral and soft structures, symbolizing the living presence of nature enveloping this sacred site. The trees, with their rich and diverse foliage, seem to watch over the chapel, adding a sense of protection and serenity. The building itself, with its pale walls and dark openings, seems to blend into the landscape, as if time had blurred the boundaries between the sacred and the profane. The slightly cloudy sky adds an emotional depth to the scene, suggesting a moment of reflection or prayer. The touches of pink throughout the fresco bring subtle warmth and light, reminiscent of the glows of sunrise or sunset over this peaceful place. Overall, 'Notre Dame de Consolation' is a celebration of serenity and harmony between man, nature, and the divine, captured sensitively by the artist Laure Piqueras.

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Fort Saint-Elme Room

The fresco 'Fort Saint-Elme' is inspired by the famous eponymous fort located in Collioure. In this work, the artist Jean-Philippe Henric uses an abstract and geometric visual language to evoke the iconic landscape and architecture of this place. The blue and green shapes might represent the sea and the coastal landscape, while the angular white and orange patterns could suggest the bright light and sunlit facades. Stylized elements evoke the fort itself with allusions to its battlements and imposing stature. The color touches, like the yellow stars and the orange sun, add a celestial dimension and highlight the historical fame of the fort, known for its role as a watchtower and defense. The overall composition thus captures the essence of Fort Saint-Elme and its environment, using shapes and colors to create a modern and artistic interpretation of this historical site.

Massane Room

The fresco entitled 'Massane,' created by the artist Franck Gabarrou, is a poetic expression that pays homage to the natural and historical majesty of the Albères. Gabarrou uses a subtle and mastered play of colors and light to represent the Massane tower, which stands like a vigilant guardian above the landscape. In this composition, the tower is depicted with a soft, earthy hue that stands out against a background of azure sky, dotted with delicately scattered clouds. The contrast is striking between the solid permanence of the tower and the ephemeral lightness of the sky that envelops it. The vegetation is rendered with fluid and colorful touches, reflecting the diversity of the flora. The dirt paths winding through the trees and bushes invite the viewer on a visual journey through the canvas, while the shades of green, ochre, and mauve evoke the scents and sensations of a walk through the hills. Through this work, Gabarrou not only captures a site; he also seizes the atmosphere and soul of this place. 'Massane' is a celebration of wild nature, a representation that merges the beauty of the Catalan region with a sense of calm and contemplation.