The artists

and their works, room by room...

At the beginning, the desire shared with Laurie Foissier, the Architect of Maison Nova, was to pay tribute to the city of painters with extraordinary works that would set the tone for every decorative choice for the future rooms. Accompanied by the Tralala Gallery located in Perpignan and Collioure, we selected four local artists to bring life to the walls of our beautiful Maison. Multigenerational, each with their own artistic movement, this group has evolved the project and contributed to creating a unique project in our region.

Beatriz Garrigo

artistic whisper of the Albères

Visual artist and virtuoso ceramist of Barcelona origin, Béatriz Garrigó has settled at the edges of the Albères and works from her studio overlooking the mountains. No coincidence for this Catalan artist shared between France and Spain: local fauna and flora are an infinite source of contemplation and inspiration for her. Simple, stylized motifs, associated with a palette of colors vibrant with Mediterranean light; for more than thirty years, Béatriz Garrigó has paid homage to 'Mother Nature' with poetry, delicacy, and refinement. A sensitive and distinctly feminine work, affirmed between sky and earth.

Laure Piqueras

weaver of Mediterranean imagination

Photographer and visual artist by training, Laure Piqueras is a 'child' of the Côte Vermeille: a childhood shared between land and sea, Port-Vendres and the Albères. A multi-talented artist, she flourishes today in her native land and works mainly on commission, in small and large formats. Her photographer's eye as the starting point for all creations, Laure Piqueras works on each of her subjects from preparatory shots. In 2022, the exhibition 'Mediterranean, My Love' inaugurated a series of very colorful views of Collioure on a fluorescent background, her signature. Since then, the artist has developed her research as a 'tribute' collection to her Mediterranean roots.

Franck Gabarrou

between ink and colorful dreams

A bubbling and insatiable personality, Franck Gabarrou taught himself drawing and watercolor. After studying classical literature and a stint at the Marseille School of Fine Arts, he exhibited his work for the first time in 2021 at FILAF in Perpignan and then at SWAB, the Contemporary Art Fair in Barcelona. Since then, the young artist has traveled the Pyrénées-Orientales by bicycle, punctuating his journeys with numerous sketches on the motif. A very instinctive working method: by prioritizing color over line, Franck Gabarrou cultivates an expressionist and naive universe and offers a touching, childlike view of his world.

Jean-Philippe Henric

weaver of stories in fragments

Decidedly contemporary artist, Jean-Philippe Henric playfully pays homage to the Catalan territory, attached to tradition and folklore as a working support. Like a composer-performer, the artist uses various mixed techniques to, with a nod, reference the Cubists of Céret, the Fauves of Collioure, and the heritage of the kings of Mallorca. Like an invitation always full of surprises, the artist takes us on a journey through his imagination, nourished by multiple idols: Picasso, Basquiat, Klein... Dalí might have summed up Jean-Philippe Henric's work as 'Nascut per ser artista del Centre del Món' (Born to be an artist from the Center of the World).