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Port d'Avall

2 pers.|30m²|King Size

Our Port d'Avall room, with a generous area of 30 m², invites you to a unique experience where comfort and sophistication reach their peak. The Port d'Avall room stands out with its exceptional private garden of 30 m², featuring an outdoor bathtub, offering an escape where serenity and luxury harmoniously meet. Beyond this verdant haven, the Port d'Avall room unveils a breathtaking view of the Albères. The majestic mountains rise in the background, adding a picturesque dimension to your stay. The interior of the suite, meticulously designed by Laurie Foissier, is a cocoon of well-being where every element contributes to an unforgettable experience. The heart of the room is adorned with a sublime fresco by Franck Gabarrou, transforming your suite into an ode to Catalan art. The Port d'Avall room is a haven of sophistication and tranquility, where the private garden, outdoor bathtub, and panoramic view of the Albères come together to create a truly exceptional experience.


Port d'Avall,' a fresco by Franck Gabarrou, is a watercolor evocation of the charming port of Collioure. This work bathes in the soft Mediterranean light, where washed colors and fluid shapes blend to capture the atmosphere of a quiet afternoon by the water. The painting is dominated by a delicately nuanced sky, with light blues and spring greens, evoking a sense of lightness and open space. Below, the sea is suggested by darker blue touches, scattered with small marks that seem to be the shimmering reflections of the sun on the waves. The urban landscape is rendered with a series of pastel color blocks; the buildings in warm tones of orange, yellow, and pink harmoniously stand out against the green of the surrounding hills. The church bell tower, with its distinctive red touch, serves as a focal point, recalling the architectural and historical heritage of the port. The greenery is indicated by color spots and vigorous strokes, representing the trees and vegetation blending into the city's fabric. Sketched palm trees highlight the mild climate that characterizes our region. Overall, 'Port d'Avall' by Franck Gabarrou is a celebration of coastal life, a painting that exudes serenity and harmony between nature and culture, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in the relaxed ambiance and picturesque beauty of Collioure.

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