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in Collioure

Inspired by the splendor of marine elements, the spa offers treatments from the iconic Phytomer brand, a pioneer in marine cosmetics. Upon entering the spa, guests are welcomed by a reception area with clean lines and natural materials. The light travertine floor stretches endlessly, its subtle veins evoking marine currents. Traditional vaults contribute to the soothing and comforting atmosphere of the place. The hammam offers an escape with soothing steam, while the sauna promises a dry, purifying heat experience. The double massage room is designed for shared wellness sessions, an invitation to deeply relax as a duo. The tea room, with its selection of teas and infusions, is a space dedicated to calm and contemplation.

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Heated Mirror Pool Year-Round

Heated Mirror Pool Year-Round

Our mirror pool is a true gem of relaxation, heated to 32°C all year round. Its commanding view of the city of painters and the majestic Pyrenees spilling into the Mediterranean will not leave you indifferent! Unique, with its overflow on all four sides, the pool is adorned with a lovely mix of sand-colored and terracotta tiles, reminiscent of the warm atmosphere of our southern home. Whether you prefer swimming laps or sunbathing, you will find your happiness between our shaded XXL sunbeds or the submerged sunbathing area... the terracotta lines of the pool will guide the more athletic for their laps! You will succumb to the charm of this sanctuary of relaxation, where comfort perfectly blends with the breathtaking beauty of a unique landscape.

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Marine Virtues and Ecological Commitments

Your wellness break is inspired by the natural luxury and high-end expertise of the Phytomer house. Formulated from highly concentrated marine actives, Phytomer treatments offer your skin the most precious elements of the sea. Respect for nature, responsible manufacturing, and eco-design are shared values that made our union evident. You will find a selection of these revitalizing treatments at the institute's boutique

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